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Sakura - the Japanese cherry blossoms are a timeless metaphor for human existence.


Blooming season is powerful, glorious and intoxicating, but tragically short-lived — a visual reminder of Life, Death and Renewal.


No one in history personified this metaphor more than the samurai, the warriors of feudal Japan who lived by bushido (“the way of the warrior”) — a strict moral code of respect, honour and discipline.

Sakura have therefore always signaled the beginning of Spring, a time of renewal and optimism.

My life has been deeply influenced by Bhuddhist and Vedic philosophies from a very young age, and combined with an inquisitive and scientific mind, i saw myself immersed in the world of Traditional Medicines.

I am a therapist, based in Lisbon, where i have my practice. I am a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Medicine Therapist, Holistic Bodyworker and Healing Diets Coach.


Through the application of gentle stimulation to specific acupressure points we will be able to balance your meridians, induce a deep relaxation mode, calm your nervous s...
Japanese Meridian Therapy
1 hr